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Dublin and Aberdeen 20.08.2017
Germany, Romania, Hungary and London! 15.06.2017
Mexico and Brazil 26.05.2017
Middle East Again 04.05.2017
Major Asia run 09.04.2017
Northeast USA from Boston to Detroit (the long way) 13.03.2017
New York, Doha and Abu Dhabi 07.02.2017
Oklahoma, London and New Orleans 06.02.2017
El Paso/New Orleans/London/San Antonio 05.02.2017
Saudi Arabia again! 09.11.2016
Austin, then Sweden, Finland and Russia 31.10.2016
Europe and Dubai: The big month 11.10.2016
Singapore and Beijing 28.08.2016
Africa! 09.08.2016
Fourth of July, Atlanta, Galveston, Denver 21.07.2016
Mexico, Trinidad, Turkey 26.06.2016
May 2016: Austin, Midland, Anchorage, Houston 17.06.2016
April 2016: Spain to Stavanger to Salt Lake to Saudi Arabia 07.05.2016
March 2016: Around the world again. From Dallas to KL 30.03.2016
Penn State, W. Va, OSU, MUST, Tulsa, KS, Fracturing, Butte 10.03.2016
A quiet December, January easy going 10.03.2016
India! Saudi Arabia! Qatar! 11.12.2015
Quito, Ecuador, Dallas, Austin Oklahoma City 19.11.2015
Utah and California 15.10.2015
Houston! Great to be home for a few weeks! 01.10.2015
Around the world (again) 19.09.2015
Napa! Fiber optics, lasers and reservoir and well monitoring 13.08.2015
Bogota, Santa Fe, San Antonio 26.07.2015
June in Canada, Mexico and... 17.06.2015
May Indonesia, China, Malaysia, Singapore and Aggieland! 30.05.2015
April in America (and Saudia Arabia) 29.04.2015
Calgary. It feels like coming home. 01.04.2015
Oman, Bahrain, London, Copenhagen, Norway -and then Calgary! 27.03.2015
February in the US? Hooray 23.02.2015
Oman by way of Chicago 29.01.2015
OKLAHOMA, OK! 17.01.2015
Turkey and Kuwait-December 2014 12.12.2014
Round tripping Dallas 19.11.2014
Oct-Nov 2014 Abu Dhabi in the RTW++ trip Part V 11.11.2014
Oct-Nov 2014 Kazakhstan in the RTW++ trip Part IV 06.11.2014
October 2014 Around the world and then some, Part III 31.10.2014
October 2014 Around the world and then some, Part II 23.10.2014
October 2014 Around the world and then some, Part I 15.10.2014
September 2014 in Europe 30.09.2014
Missouri University of Science and Technology 02.09.2014
Santa Fe for a Drilling Forum 21.07.2014
News from the road.SPE Board meeting in Cartagena, Colombia 25.06.2014