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June in Canada, Mexico and...

Another busy month

It has been my privilege to present the one-hour ethics class for several years at the Society of Petroleum Evaluation Engineers (SPEE) annual meeting. This year's meeting was in Halifax and I have some great photos at the end of the blog. It is a beautiful area and I preceded the SPEE trip with several SPE visits with our Canada Region SPE Director Darcy Spady. Since both of our wives were there we had some great tourist time over the weekend. The tourist stuff is with the pictures at the end.

We went to Dalhousie University and we met with multiple groups from engineering and earth sciences. We spent most of the time planning a new student chapter. The next day Darcy and I went to New Glasgow to meet multiple local SPE leaders. We also met with the local manager at Baker Hughes' office in Dartmouth.

On Saturday we were tourists and enjoyed the fact that many buildings were open that day that were not normally open to the public. I particularly liked firing an old Enfield rifle at the Citadel and touring the Government and Provincial houses. We went on a "tall ship" tour of the bay. Our whale watching trip was enjoyable but "whale free."


The SPEE annual meeting was Sunday-Tuesday and as per usual I taught the ethics class. We had originally planned to fly directly from Halifax to Mexico City but found a way to go through Houston and spend a night at home. Of course we also found a way to spend an extra six hours in airports that day due to flight delays.

We flew to Mexico City for the SPE Board of Director's meeting. Helge Haldorsen (2015 SPE President) picked Mexico City primarily because of our expanding relationships as a Society with Mexico and secondarily because he lives there as Statoil's country manager. As you might guess it was already getting warm in Mexico in June but we had very pleasant weather in the mornings. Jan and I toured the nearby pyramids at Teotihuacan and many other local sites. We ate dinner at several wonderful restaurants including Biko and Quintonil. We saw La Traviata at the Palacio des Bellas Artes, a magnificent opera house. Photos at the end!

Of course the Board meeting was busy. Meetings with the other Presidents and SPE leaders. Audit Committee, Finance, Regional directors, technical directors, the three board committees, plenary sessions and the final board meeting. It is busy. It was great to meet various Mexican leaders of the oil and gas industry including several old friends and classmates.


Personal note

I did get to be home a little this month which was good since we had a wedding (friends) at out house. My bees are doing well (see the photos) and the cardinals are in my backyard all the time. My jalapeƱos and tomatoes are being productive. I finally was home enough to fire up my smoker again and barbecue.

All of my grandchildren came together at our annual "Grammy Camp" where my wife (the grammy!) sponsors a big get together. Some in Houston and a week at the Fort Worth Museum school where our children studied so many years ago.

Other Blogs

You can of course read about my barbecue at This site
My Baker Hughes reservoir blog is here.
My (old) blog detailing my 18 months in Hong Kong is here,

Travel this trip (basically includes airport to airport) 6,289 SPE travel to date 175,841 miles.

Countries to date (my counting rule is basically that I spent the night there with some sort of SPE content...not just went through the airport like New Zealand or Panama): 22
Czech Republic
Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom (Scotland, England)

Operas this month = 1 Operas to date = 19


Beautiful area. With a free weekend we went to Peggy's Cove, Mahone Bay, Lunenberg. The entire city of Lunenberg is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Of course we ate plenty of lobsters since this is lobster heaven. We also visited the sobering Swissair 111 memorial. A few pictures.

There is an LDS temple in Halifax large_IMG_4828.jpg

This boat was used to pass salt at the large table!


Ship used as a survey vessel. On old coal fired bolt ship.


When trying to self park at the hotel I apparently put my card in "WORNG". I love this one.

Mexico City

Some from the pyramid tour, the local churches and the LDS temple.


Here are a few of the opera house.


Here are some from the city tour

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February in the US? Hooray

Palo Alto and LSU.

sunny 18 °F
View OKC Jan 2015 on fracmeister's travel map.

February starts with the Hydraulic Fracturing Conference in the Woodlands. One of my good friends and heroes Professor Heber Cinco-Ley was honored as one of the Legends of Hydraulic Fracturing.


The meeting had nearly 2,000 participants and was very successful. While there I was interviewed by the local paper and quoted several times.


Then off to the Bay areas and back to Stanford University. I participated in a Natural Gas conference featuring a dinner with George Schultz and speakers including former Secretary of State Condie Rice.

I joined in with SPE President Helge Haldorsen and former President Ganesh Thakur for a Gulf Coast breakfast meeting with multiple SPE Presidents from the Gulf Coast section. Of course Helge now lives in Mexico but is here often.

I also gave an address during NAPE to the Association of International Petroleum Negotiators. Another highlight was the trip to Baton Rouge to visit with faculty, tour the campus and speak to an enthusiastic crowd of LSU petroleum engineering students. I toured many of their labs including the very impressive drilling lab.

We had a good turnout and Baker Hughes paid for some pizza.

The next SPE meeting was the Reservoir Simulation conference where I gave a brief set of remarks. It was great to see many old friends there. Reservoir simulation was a big part of my professional career.

The San Francisco trip is not really SPE miles so I am not adding miles during this entry. Baton Rouge trip 580 miles. SPE travel to date 92,640 miles.

Since I was home I had a chance to barbecue a lot. You can of course read about my barbecue at This site Here is apicture of me caramelizing the glaze on some ribs.

My Baker Hughes reservoir blogis here.

Countries to date (my counting rule is basically that I spent the night there with some sort of SPE content...not just went through the airport like New Zealand or Panama): 14
Czech Republic
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom (Scotland)

Operas this month = 1 (The Magic Flute in Houston). Operas to date = 7

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2015 begins like it was 1975 as I go to OU

sunny 18 °F
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I graduated from Georgia Tech in 1975 and started at the University of Oklahoma as a graduate student in petroleum engineering that year. It is the year I joined SPE. So it seems appropriate that the first trip of my 40th year as an SPE member should be back to Oklahoma. I presented an Ethics class at the Oklahoma City Section, made a longer presentation to a large group of engineers from Devon Energy and met with students at the University of Oklahoma. I also had the chance to go to an Oklahoma City Thunder basketball game with old friends.

1975 was a long time ago. The movie "Jaws" came out and Microsoft was founded. Saturday Night Live started. Oklahoma City has changed and many of the obvious changes are associated with the growth of oil and gas activity headquartered in OKC.

The ethics class was attended by a very large group.

The internal course at Devon Energy had more than even more engineers present and included some lively discussions.

As per usual I really enjoyed going to see the students, this time at my alma mater, the University of Oklahoma. We of course offer the now mandatory selfie. #SPElfie

The SPE leadership team at OU.

A large group of attendees!


Friday was full of additional meetings with local industry leaders and the chance to go to an Oklahoma City Thunder game with some of the Devon Energy leadership.

833 miles this trip. 76,003 SPE to date.

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